iDEA Media has been in the media print, and disc manufacturing and duplication industry since 2002. As an InnerWorkings company, doing a billion dollars a year, we are uniquely positioned to manage your entire print portfolio with forward thinking execution of even the largest and most complex projects. Our expertise and experience with physical media creates a turn-key solution to execute your vision and have it shine. Talk to one of our experts today.
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iDEA Media has the muscle to be your ideal source for printing, disc packaging, promotional products and flash drives.

Our data-driven print buying process identifies the optimal equipment for each job, takes advantage of excess manufacturing capacity and employs industry-leading technology to bring your brand to market better, faster and at the lowest possible cost.

“Most powerful marketing tool to emerge in the last 25 years!” Video Brochures link the best of print and video to bring that wow factor to your marketing strategy.

iDEA Media’s exceptional technologies now offer unimaginable storage in a compact and easy to use device. From whimsical to luxurious, we have them all. Check out our amazing selection!

We are the largest distributor of promotional products in the U.S. Get your name out there in epic fashion and create a long lasting relationship with your customers.

High definition video warrants high definition packaging and we have it for you. We are masters at disc manufacturing and presentation. Let us bring your Blu-ray project to a perfect finish.

Our complete, end-to-end services for DVD production includes unparalleled packaging options with unmatched quality, all in one place. Check out a portion of our massive selection.

iDEA Media is the king of CD packaging with an almost limitless variety of options, from simple jewel case solutions to custom specialty presentations that make your project shine.

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Call it nationalism, pride, healthy competitive spirit…or…pig-headed stubbornness, but most of the nations where television started decided to have their own, completely different, completely non-interoperable standards for broadcast video signals. The ripple effects of that decision has been trickling down and causing headaches for video content producers for almost a century now. I should probably …

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“iDEA Media has done an exceptional job in consistently delivering excellent service.”

Ray Comfort


“I have dealt with numerous replicators over my years in the industry. The only one to date that I have found with consistent quality, service and price is iDEA Media.”

Marty Stouffer


“I truly appreciate iDEA Media’s professionalism and quality work. They always do the work right the first time and are on time. They are extremely responsive and sensitive to our needs and are very friendly and willing to help!”

Joe Olson


“I regularly ask the impossible of the folks at iDEA Media, and yet somehow they always deliver. They are the best.”

Sonic Implants


“iDEA Media was extremely diligent in helping us pinpoint the perfect flash drive to accompany a promotional sculpture we developed to send out to major movie studio’s. the service was fantastic. The price was terrific and the USB drive quality was awesome!!”

Anne Roever