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We would like to welcome you to a tour of one of the industry’s leading CD replication, DVD replication, Bly ray replication and Flash Drive Duplication companies. With facilities in New York, Los Angeles, Indianapolis and Chicago, Idea Replication is one of just a handful of companies that can handle such a broad swath of media, including CD duplication, CD replication, DVD duplication, DVD replication, Blu Ray duplication as well as Blu ray Replication. But our advantages don’t end there; we are happy to handle any size job, from tens of units, up to feature film size quantities.

Starting in 2012, we became a division of Inner Workings. This new partnership augments our already broad offerings with cutting edge print, press and product packaging capabilities. Inner Workings, a powerhouse in the print industry, lets us combine every advantage of CD duplication, DVD duplication, Blu Ray duplication and flash drive duplication with print, packaging, bulk mailing service and fulfillment solutions. This offers our clients an end to end vendor for all their media marketing and product needs.

Our team of dedicated professionals hails from a wide variety of design, entertainment and media production backgrounds. Each representative has one goal, and that is to meet your product needs on-time and cost effectively. We cement our reputation as a trail blazer in the replication and duplication business with excellent customer service and the most competitive rates around. Par-excellence service and unbeatable prices, these are the traits Idea Replication has cultivated to emerge not just a DVD duplication company but as a synonym for physical media duplication and replication.



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