About Us

The Next Big Thing in Content Delivery…IS YOUR PRODUCT

iDEA Media, an InnerWorkings Company has been in the media manufacturing and duplication industry for three decades. From custom loading and duplicating audio cassettes and VHS tapes in the 90’s, to the advent of Blu-Ray and digital interactive content media, we don’t just stay on top of the trends, we find the best solution for your business and your audience.
And now we’re proud to announce our acquisition by Inner Workings, in 2012, which means we can bring you the print, packaging and fulfillment options to make your product the best it can be. Inner Workings, a giant in the print and packaging industry, combines our expertise and experience with physical media into a turn-key solution to replicate your media, package your product and have it shine – on store shelves or in the consumer’s hands.

What makes us so different?


We are one of only a handful of replicators worldwide with the capacity to handle feature film size quantities, but without the feature film studios pulling the strings. We work directly with our clients to meet their needs with regard to quantity, quality and speed. You won’t have to take a back seat to mega media interests, because you are our main interest.


The ultimate benefit of our experience and independence isn’t a solution the market dictates, it’s a solution dictated by your needs and the needs of your clients. We do not push you towards products that manufacturers are pushing or that offer the highest margin, we work WITH you to find the best possible product for economic, brand and time-line requirements.


Our highly trained representatives have a wealth of knowledge about all aspects of the media industry. Many of our associates come from backgrounds in corporate advertising, video and audio post production, independent music production and recording, as well as having backgrounds in streaming and digital delivery. Your representative will guide you through the replication process from start to finish. At every step, we’re here to answer questions, anticipate potential snags and find the on-time solution to work through them. By the end of the process, your representative knows your project as well as you do and is just as invested in its success.