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Master Submission Guidelines

A description with an asterisk (*) may incur additional charges. Contact your Sales Representative or CSR for additional information. 1. General Information: • Do not ...

29 Dec 2008

Ownership and Intellectual Property

Thoughts from the Austin Game Developers Conference With the phenomenal growth of the video gaming market over the last few years, many of us have ...

28 Dec 2008

Riding Out the Storm

Can home entertainment save the holiday season? These are challenging times, not just for the home entertainment industry, but for everyone. With the mortgage meltdown, ...

28 Dec 2008

The Blu-ray Lockout

As with DVD, enabling independent producers can help drive the growth of the BD market. Technology providers for the entertainment industry often refer to market ...

21 Dec 2008

Setting Music Free

There’s a lot of money to be made in “free” music… We know all about the Long Tail, but what about the Short Nose? The ...

15 Dec 2008

DVD Replication Techniques

The world is technologically undergoing a rapid development. A lot of advancements have occurred in every field. With the increased reliance of businesses on automated ...

6 Nov 2008

Coming To You Live In High-Definition Up To 40,000 Times A Day!

At the height of the HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray war, SCREEN Mag decided to sit down with Erik Gershfeld, manager of Chicago’s iDEA Media, a company ...

28 Sep 2008

What is Jump Drive?

USB Flash Drives are data transport systems. Its innovation has opened new door for extensive marketing. People have accepted and admired the wide usages of ...

23 Sep 2008

DVD Duplication Services

DVD duplication services are getting more popular nowadays because newer technologies are coming up with newer innovations. But before you start DVD duplication services, you ...

8 Sep 2008

Eco-Friendly Disc Packaging

At this hour, when the entire world is grasped into the clasp of global warming, Eco-Friendly living is a requirement for all. Eco-Friendly packaging is ...

2 Sep 2008