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BLU Ray Duplication Services ChicagoBlu-Ray is the solution to your high-definition content delivery problems! How often have you spent the time, effort and money to shoot, edit or animate beautiful high-definition content only to have to deliver to your audience at one quarter the resolution? Now, Blu-ray, the leading standard for high-definition delivery and publishing lets you offer your consumers video, audio and images that look just as crisp, clear and gorgeous as they did in the studio.

Originally in competition with HD-DVD, Blu-ray has the advantage of offering true, full HD at 1920x1080p, and frame rates of 24 or 29.97 frames per second, depending on your original content. Blu-Ray, sometimes Blu-Ray Disc (BD), also has the benefit of more storage than HD-DVD, accommodating 4.5 hours of HD content or up to 12 Hours of SD content on one, single-layer disc. Dual Layer discs can nearly double those capacities. Blu-Ray also has a stronger bonded, higher density substrate for durability exceeding even DVD discs.

Blu-Ray offers 25 or 50 Giga-bytes of Video, audio and interactive content to be placed on a disc.This extremely flexible medium increases its installed user-base every day as Blu-Ray compatible players and drives come standard with entertainment set-ups, computers, and now even video-game consoles.

Masters for Blu-Ray projects must be provided in Sony .CMF (Cutting master) format. Please talk to your sales representative for more information on making sure your Blu-Ray project is replication ready. We will be happy to help you make a smooth transition into the world of high-definition content and enhanced interactivity with our Blu-ray duplication services.
The following software products are known to be used to author Blu-ray video.

*These software packages may require additional third party software to create the CMF master necessary for Blu-ray duplication services.
We can accept the CMF masters for Blu-Ray on Disc, HDD or DLT tape. Artwork for disc labels and packaging can be sent on a disc, or uploaded to our FTP. (An FTP login and account will be crated for you when your order is placed.)

Like all of our optical disc products, you can choose from our nearly limitless selection of cases, trays and packaging materials. From completely custom packaging options to a wide variety of eco-friendly and recycled content materials and inks, the only limit on your packaging is what you can imagine. This is just one of the ways we can help lead you, from conception to fulfillment, into the new high definition revolution.

Idea Media, now and Inner Workings Company, has always prided it self on offering the best products and processes to its customers at industry competitive prices. Now we continue the tradition by offering our experience and expertise with our Blu-ray replication services to you.

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