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SanDisk introduces music on a flash card for portable players Read more →

Thoughts from the Austin Game Developers Conference

With the phenomenal growth of the video gaming market over the last few years, many of us have turned our attention to this area of the business looking for new opportunities. To that end, and in the interests of educating myself a little more about the gaming industry, I recently attended the Austin Game Developers Conference, the smaller of two events held every year that bring together game developers, publishers and of course the vendors who supply the tools of the trade – because somebody has to pick up the tab for all those wonderful Tex-Mex meals. Read more →

Can home entertainment save the holiday season?

These are challenging times, not just for the home entertainment industry, but for everyone. With the mortgage meltdown, skyrocketing unemployment, and the Dow and unpredictable roller-coaster, it’s beginning to look more and more as though we are headed for a recession – if we’re not already in one. Read more →

As with DVD, enabling independent producers can help drive the growth of the BD market.

Technology providers for the entertainment industry often refer to market “tiers” – Tier 1 is typically Hollywood; Tier 2 is outside Hollywood. Tier 1 is smaller, but more influential. To be successful, you need to garner at least one Tier 1 customer, because then you can attract Tier 2 customers. If you’re lucky, then you make it to the broader market of Tier 3: the pro-sumers, amateurs and wannabees. Or so the theory goes. Read more →

There’s a lot of money to be made in “free” music…

We know all about the Long Tail, but what about the Short Nose? The front end, whether it belongs to a car or a consumer, is the place where the first impact generally takes place, where the nature of the experience is determined. Western content companies have had mixed results with their encounters with the digital front end. Their obsession with monitoring and monetizing every pixel and audio sample has led to a misplacement of priorities that has hobbled the evolution of their business models into fully digital economics. Read more →

At the height of the HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray war, SCREEN Mag decided to sit down with Erik Gershfeld, manager of Chicago’s iDEA Media, a company that specializes in CD and DVD manufacturing and replication. iDEA Media has been in business for several years now and recently moved into a larger facility. Gershfeld talks about the changes within his company and his thoughts on the high-definition battle. Read more →

DVD duplication services are getting more popular nowadays because newer technologies are coming up with newer innovations. But before you start DVD duplication services, you must understand the basics of it. DVD duplication services help you to transfer pictures to a disk, or movies from one disc to another. However, it is not possible to duplicate DVDs that already has copyright protection on it. In case you try to do it, you may face serious penalties. Read more →

At this hour, when the entire world is grasped into the clasp of global warming, Eco-Friendly living is a requirement for all. Eco-Friendly packaging is very common today. Basically, Eco-Friendly means to manufacture biodegradable or recyclable product. Read more →