Cheap & Best CD Duplication Services

CD duplication is just the beginning of the optical disc media services iDea Media offers, but we do it better than anyone else! From ten to ten thousand, we have products and packages for your specific needs. Fast turn times and end-to-end services from master to fulfillment make us a one-stop shop.

CD DUPLICATION Minimum Order Quantity 500. Request a quote

If you need short run CD duplication with lightning fast turn times, look no further! iDea media, now an Inner Workings company, can manage cheap CD duplication. We handle everything on a custom order basis, meaning we can copy discs and package them by hand on short notice, while we also have the ability to handle enormous quantities in state of the art, automated facilities. There is no easier  solution for cost effective and bulk CD media duplication. We use an extremely high-resolution disc face printing process for even our duplicated orders, so every disc looks like a Hollywood Blockbuster title. We take that same level of detail and concern to your custom packaging and printing needs to make the entire product shine, on the shelves and in your customer’s hands!

Quick Turn Times
The vast majority of our bulk and cheap CD Duplication orders are completed within 3 business days. RUSH orders may be completed same day, in many cases.

No Minimum Order
CD Duplication allows you to order only the quantity you need. No more. No Less. ‘Nuff said.

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