Professional & Cheap DVD Duplication Services

We are an industry leader in optical disc replication.

Minimum Order Quantity 500 Request a quote

For runs over 500 pieces, the replication process offers your product the ultimate in reliability, compatibility and longevity as well as a range of copy protection and digital rights management features. The replication process has been the commercial industry high-water mark for optical disc creation since the earliest days of CDs, and it has remained so for DVDs as well as Blu-Ray discs.

Our replication engineers and technicians offer several steps of quality control, both automated and manual to make sure your final product matches your master exactly. Like our cutting edge cheap DVD replication facilities and services, nobody offers better service or more competitive pricing for that service, than iDea Media.

We can help match your product to just the right physical media, including business card discs, and mini-DVDs. Ask your representative for information on our huge variety of packaging and print options as well. We offer almost anything you can imagine and can make custom packages and trays to make your disc stand out on the shelf, and in the consumer’s hands. Our partnership with Inner Workings LLC means our resources for packaging and environmentally friendly materials have only gotten bigger! Find out what you can do for your project, today. Get to know the various cheap DVD replication deals we offer and help optimise your business projects!!

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