100% Biodegradable DVD Cases

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In conjunction with out our other environmentally responsible and low foot-print products, iDEA Media, an InnerWorkings Company, is proud to bring their customers BioBox™, A DVD amray case that is made from 100% bio-degradable materials.

Using a completely proprietary technology, the BioBox™ process takes traditional polymers used in plastics and other manufactured goods, and impregnates them with proteins, changing their molecular structure into a material that can easily be broken down by organic organisms.

Here is everything you get with BioBox™ packaging!

DVD-5 replication with full color offset print on disc, “amaray style” BioBox DVD case, 4 color outer wrap, assembly and cellophane wrap of final product.

1,000 pieces only $1.05 each

2,500 pieces only $.79 each

5,000 pieces only $.73 each

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