Eco DigiPak

iDEA Media an InnerWorkings Company introduces the latest innovation in DVD multi-disc packaging: DiscBookLite™, E-Pack™, and DVStar™. Now you can combine exciting, stand-out options for a retail shelf with sustainable, eco-friendly packaging and manufacturing processes.


Our clients and consumers have had years of success and reliability with our extremely popular CD and DVD Digipak®  trays. These same trays are now available in 100% recycled plastic with a minimum of 35% post-consumer content. In conjunction, we can also offer printing on 100% recycled board. iDea Media, an Inner Workings company, is thrilled to have yet another option to meet our clients’ production and environmental concerns.

DVStar™ packaging offers a unique mix of consumer attractiveness, functionality and features. Its swing-tray construction makes it a slim, shelf-efficient and cost-effective.

  • The only DVD package that “swings” open
  • Each tray holds up to three discs
  • Clear trays standard, black and white trays available.
  • Basic package structure is 4 panel, with one or two trays to hold from three to six discs.
  • Higher capacity packages (six or more panels) may be created to hold three or more trays each containing two to three discs.
  • Package may include extra panels of board for additional graphics.
  • Board cover may be finished with: Spot UV, Embossing, Debossing, Foil Stamping, Raised UV, Matte& Gloss UV.
  • Pockets available depending on number of panels and tray Combinations

What does it really mean?

Post-consumer waste:
Post-consumer waste (PCW) is paper made out of the remains of products already sold and used by the consumer. This content is usually gathered by commercial and community recycling programs. This kind of paper is one of the most environmentally friendly choices as it not only prevents new trees from being cut-down to meet demand, it also stops waste products from going into landfills.

Recycled paper or board:
Recycled paper can contain a mix of Virgin Fibers (see above) as well as pre-and post-consumer waste. For example, wood fibers left over from other wood manufacturing processes, or previously used wood products such as newspapers.

Biodegradable products are products with organic compounds which can be more easily broken down by living organisms, such as algae, fungi and bacteria.


The DiscBookLite™ offers many of the same advantages as the above products but for a multi-disc product. Maintaining the benefits of consumer attractiveness and shelf efficiency, it is an ideal solution for video series, combo titles or other multi-disc releases.

• May contain an even or odd number of discs, maximum recommended – 7 trays, 14 discs.
• Clear or black trays and base. Custom colors available on request (100,000 trays min.)
• Base holds folder or booklet (max. 28 pages) (Board cover may be finished with: Spot UV, Embossing, Debossing, Foil Stamping, Raised UV, Matte& Gloss UV.)
• Has the smallest footprint of any DVD multi-disc package!

iDea Media is extremely pleased to be able to bring these new packaging options to our customers. They maintain the same scratch-resistance and disc retention qualities of our proven line of packaging, and add a focus on sustainable practices and minimizing our environmental foot-print. Now you can deliver your product to your consumers and keep waste out of landfills at the same time.

Keep your customers and our planet smiling!

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of their products and purchasing choices. In addition, they are becoming more savvy every day about the contents and manufacturing processes that go into their goods. The Digipak® and the all-board CD E-Pak™ and DVD E-Pak™ are among the most environmentally friendly packaging products available. These products are manufactured with NO new wood fiber or petroleum resources.

CDStar™ is another iDEA Media, an InnerWorkings Company, product that helps protect the environment. They are both lighter and slimmer than traditional disc packaging. As a result, they can hold more discs on fewer trays. We also offer printing on 100% recycled board for these products. DiscBookLite™ gives you the same advantages in a strong, multi-disc option as well.
While many companies today consider the impact of their paper and plastic use, we take it one step further by ensuring that all of our inks are vegetable based and made using best practices and sustainable techniques, from renewable sources.

Made with Soy Ink

“Soy inks are made with soybeans, and use 50% less energy to make compared with petroleum-based ink. It makes it easier to recycle paper. Soy ink is an option for printing CD booklets/traycards, cardboard packaging and digipaks.”

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