ECO PaperFoam

PaperFoamTechnology Bring the premiere environmentally friendly alternative to plastic, to your products. Thisattractive packaging solutionis made of 100% recycled and recyclable materials.

A study done by the University of Utrecht/Copernicus Institute shows that PaperFoam trays have only a fraction of CO2 emissions and energy used compared with traditional plastic Jewel boxes and Digi-trays.

As sales of packaged DVD products continues to increase, the need to make your product stand out and address new and more complex concerns of the consumer also increase.
Environmental aspects of the product life cycle are increasingly important. Every day more customers use sustainable packaging material and are refusing petroleum-based packaging in favor of the alternatives available. PaperFoam provides this opportunity for CD’s and DVD’s. PaperFoambestows a striking and novel look to CD and DVD packaging that is also eco-friendly and inexpensive to produce.

Paper foam can only be produced by licensed manufacturers so consumers know they are not getting knock-off packaging, produced using polluting or inefficient technologies. The unlimited range of color and printing options means any branding or style can be continuous, from the digital content inside to the look and feel of the package on the outside. Content producers can create and consumers can appreciate an authentic product that doesn’t contain petroleum products and cannot be faked.

“Soy inks are made with soybeans, and use 50% less energy to make compared with petroleum-based ink. It makes it easier to recycle paper. Soy ink is an option for printing CD booklets/traycards, cardboard packaging and digipaks.”

Basic Product Information:

  • 100% biodegradable and recyclable with paper
  • CO22 emission significantly lower compared to plastic
  • Less energy consumption to produce
  • Carbon-Friendly Packaging
  • One-to-One substitute for conventional plastic trays
  • Standard-size products with a long product lifetime
  • Unlimited color range with 12 basic colors
  • Reduced weight equals reduced shipping costs

The PaperFoam DVD tray has been developed to:

  • Be glued on cardboard
  • Be compatible with state-of-the-art automated packaging machinery
  • Click-and-hold a DVD in the center hole