Flash Drive Duplication/USB Flash Drive Replication & Packaging Solutions

iDea Media, an Inner Workings Company, is very excited to offer you Jump/Flash drive duplication.

Advances in storage media now offer previously unimaginable amounts of storage in a compact and easy to use device. iDeal for giveaways, promotional items and leave-behinds, compact flash drives can be custom printed with your logo, contact information or other promotional material. We also can provide a huge variety of styles, materials and shapes to get exactly the custom look you want, from metal to wood, to color-impregnated PVC.

In sizes ranging from 64 mega-bytes to 64 gigabytes, iDea Media can custom load your content onto your drive as part of the order, in quantities from one hundred to one million!

Let us manage your USB Flash Drive order from beginning to delivery for a smooth and cost-effective solution.

Call 866.326.3416 to place an order or for pricing or click here to request a quote online.