MP5 Player Solutions

iDea Media is excited to offer MP5 players to our customers, among our new media player options! Available in a wide range of styles, sizes and colors we can create a custom experience for your client or user. Portable media players can store and play your pictures, movies, music and more.

We can use your artwork, or help you format and create new artwork to make the media player uniquely yours. With branding, logos, or contact information people can carry your media player in their pocket.

MP5 players offer additional options and capabilities even beyond our amazing range of MP4 players. MP5 is an emerging set of features that allow users to play a wide range of content without having to convert it to MP4 of MP3 first. Movies from the web, purchased digital music content and even FLAC lossless audio quality files can all be enjoyed on MP5 players. A true digital media juggernaut, almost any video, audio or image content can be drag and dropped to the device, and then it will simply play. No worrying about converter software, or format standards, MP5 players have you covered.

Available Capacites: 512MB – 8GB

Accessories Included: Earphone, USB Cable, Installation CD, Charger, English Manual, Color Box

Call 866.326.3416 to place an order or for pricing or click here to request a quote online.