Product and Component Sourcing

Is your brain bubbling with an innovative product concept? Or, are you planning to expand the horizon of your business? From new entrepreneurial ventures, mass scale domestic or offshore manufacturing to assessment of market share and new supply sources, whatever be the vision of your product and component sourcing requirement, at iDea Media we got your back!

With an internationally pervasive network of suppliers (spread even in the evolving markets), a prominent chain of buyers together with proprietary techniques means we are the ultimate supplier with solutions to cater to every aspect of product manufacturing from plastics and resins to metal and any other substrates.

Our strategic associations in the global economy and our buying power enable us to make sure that our sourcing clients have utmost quality at a highly competitive price in the national and international market place. We keep the entire procedure of product and component sourcing streamlined to ensure efficiency and deliver swift and desired turnarounds.

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